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This link will take you to the Minnesota Statutes. Some of the most commonly researched sections relate to divorce(Chapter 518), the new child support law (Chapter 518A),and DWI (Chapter 169A).
Minnesota Statutes

The following link will take you to the new "Child Support Calculator" at the site of the Minnesota Department of Human Services. This calculator will produce a general calculation of child support, the accuracy of which depends on the assumptions that are made regarding the parenting schedule and gross income. Like the now obsolete "Child Support Guidelines," this calculator presents something like an illusion of certainty. For average W-2 wage earners, with a simple parenting schedule, this calculator may be helpful. However, for parties who are self employed, it may be all but useless, since the determination of "gross income" can be very difficult. Nevertheless, the calculator will be found at this link:
Child Support Calculator

The Decisions of the Minnesota Appellate Courts (Minnesota Court of Appeals, and above that, the Minnesota Supreme Court) are considered "law," but are not nearly so easy to decipher as the Minnesota Statutes (and the statutes can be confusing).
Minnesota Appellate Court Decisions