Practice Areas

Family Law

Family law presents many unique challenges. Divorce proceedings, custody disputes, and actions to establish and enforce child support can all be laden with emotion, and the outcome of any of those proceedings can have a profound effect on every adult or child involved in the process.

Family law is also unique because of the rich factual variety inherent in each case, coupled with the complexity of the law. "Family law" includes a large number of statutes and a vast collection appellate court decisions that have interpreted those statutes, and which are part of "the law." It also includes many procedural rules governing family court matters.

There is no single remedy suitable for every case, no matter how similar different cases may appear on the surface. The law is not like an elaborate cook book that describes the procedure for dissolving a marriage, for example. It is more like a collection of ingredients. How those ingredients are put together, and in what order, is up to the parties. That's where the aid of a skillful attorney is invaluable.

Our practice is geared to the unique needs of each case, and to the personal needs and circumstances of each client. It is, after all, the client's life and future that is at stake, not ours. Contact us for a complimentary assessment of your case.

Criminal and Traffic

Criminal and traffic cases can range from DWI and driver's license charges, to more complex cases involving assault, theft, and other property crimes. All of these offenses can have serious repercussions, and are treated seriously in our office.

Criminal offenses can also involve civil or administrative penalties that must be carefully evaluated with a lawyer. A DWI stop, for example, actually results in two, simultaneous legal proceedings against the driver -- although many people think only the ticket "really counts." In fact, at the same time the driver is charged with the criminal offense of DWI, he or she also becomes a party to an "implied consent" proceeding. It is the implied consent proceeding, a civil proceeding,that results in the suspension of driving privileges. Although driver's license suspension can be very difficult to challenge, it must be examined as part of the overall assessment of the criminal charge.

Many property crimes can involve separate proceedings for restitution, and those too must be carefully evaluated.

Business -- Corporations, Partnerships,

Contracts and Litigation

Minnesota Lawyer Bradley Janzen has extensive experience in the creation, management and representation of small and medium sized businesses.


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Our representation includes the evaluation of business enterprises to determine the optimum form of business organization, as well as the ongoing evaluation and modification of the business form. Many businesses that function comfortably as a sole proprietorship, or as a partnership, outgrow that form when their revenues, and liabilities, increase in size and complexity. The addition of new investors may also complicate the business and require appropriate shareholder agreements.

Our representation also includes representation of individuals and business entities in commercial litigation.

Estate Planning, Tax and Probate

Bradley Janzen is an experienced attorney with more than thirty years of practice in estate planning, tax evaluation and representation, and probate. His practice includes the evaluation and analysis of complex individual and corporate tax issues, and the preparation of returns for individuals and the businesses they have created and operate.